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Our organisation "PORT-SERVICE NORD" provides services such as the maintenance, Volume Aerosol Fire Extinguishing, inspection, repair and testing of rescue, firefighting and navigation equipment:

  • Rescue rafts and boats, MLG (marine lifting gear), supplies;
  • Hydrostatic decoupling devices (hydrostats);
  • Lifeguards, jackets, wetsuits, heat protection materials;
  • Storm-ladder, rescue boat pendants;
  • Firefighter's equipment, dielectric materials;
  • Belts, ropes, carbines;
  • Breathing apparatuses and self-rescuers;
  • Fire extinguishers, cylinders;
  • Hydraulic testing of cylinders and fire extinguishers;
  • Volume determination of fire extinguishing substance in cylinders of fire-extinguishing systems;
  • Fire hoses, cranes, hydrants;
  • Proofreading of navigation charts and books, navigational appliencies checking;
  • Fire extinguishing substance analysis laboratory services;
  • etc.


We have extensive knowledge and practical skills, we constantly improve and upgrade the skills of our employees, thus constantly maintaine a high level of competence in any matter. We are focused on building long-term and profitable cooperation with our customers and partners.

we provide a guarantee for the work performed

Exactly on time

we strictly adhere to established plans and deadlines


only employees with appropriate training are allowed to work


we use quality equipment and cooperate with reliable suppliers

Flexible approach

we will find and propose several solutions to your problem

Work experience

more than 20 years in the market for service of rescue and fire-fighting equipment