Safety First

Ship’s Fire Alarm

PORT SERVICE NORD station provides inspection services for Fire Detection Alarm Systems (receiving devices for Fire Detection Alarm Systems, Manual Call Points, Fire Alarm Detectors).

Fire and hold alarms are the main types of a special electric alarm. These types refer to the warning alarm system alerting deck officers to the outbreak of fire in areas equipped with fire detectors or water in holds.

The Electric Fire Alarm is fitted with a switch mounted in a pilot room, and detached electrical circuits with numerous smoke detectors mounted in areas where fire might break out. The Fire Alarm Switch is made in a shape of a box mounted on the bulkhead. The switch circuit consists of electrical relays and alarm lamps.

Electrical relays pick up signals from smoke detectors and switch on the alarm lamps located in detached cells of the front panel that has a shape of a ship and covered with a ground glass.

On ships with a great number of cargo and service areas, the switch front panel might have an outline profile of the ship broken down by decks and particular areas with alarm lamps. The signal picked up from a detector enables the relay to switch on the alarm lamp locating the area where a certain detector has gone off, for instance, hold #3.

The bell goes off to draw attention.

These services have been approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping